The Iranian Threat
Likud Slams 'Bennett Lies' on Iran Policy

The Likud party of chairman and Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu slammed Monday Prime Minister Naftali Bennett following reports published in the media stressing that the previous government failed to tackle the Iranian nuclear threat.

“Bennett lies in his every breath,” the Likud stated.

“He himself commended Netanyahu's excellent actions on the Iranian issue and excoriated those who dismissed his achievements. Now he joins them while showcasing weakness against Iran’s attacks and endorsing an appeasing policy of ‘no surprises’ for the U.S.”

“If it weren't for operative activities and the determined diplomacy efforts that [Netanyahu] led over the years -- Iran would have had an arsenal of nuclear bombs a long time ago.“

Photo: Reuven Castro, Walla! News

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Michael Sosne 23:44 23.08.2021
Netanyaha needs to return for the sake of safety and strength of ISREAL
Peggy Blankenship 21:48 23.08.2021
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