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BREAKING VIDEOS: Earthquake causes massive destruction in Turkey and Syria

A major earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck central Turkey and northwest Syria on Monday, killing about 500 people

The quake, which hit in the early darkness of a winter morning, was also felt in Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

A major earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck central Turkey and northwest Syria on Monday, killing more than 500 people and injuring hundreds as buildings collapsed across the region, triggering searches for survivors in the rubble.

"We were shaken like a cradle. There were nine of us at home. Two sons of mine are still in the rubble, I'm waiting for them," said one woman, her arm broken and wounds on her face as she spoke in an ambulance near the wreckage of the seven-story block where she lived in Diyarbakir.

In Syria, already devastated by more than 11 years of civil war, a government health official said more than 237 people had been killed and some 600 injured, most in the provinces of Hama, Aleppo, and Latakia, where numerous buildings tumbled down.

Video source - 301 The Arab World/Telegram

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Tuin Boon 19:54 06.02.2023
Worse than a war zone Terrible for the people involved. Full rescue support
[Anonymous] 14:54 06.02.2023
Devastating.. Praying for the country’s People.
Pamela Hackner 14:34 06.02.2023
09.09 Israel is the first country ( as usual) to go to help in Turkey.
Rhoda Wright 10:55 06.02.2023
[Anonymous] 09:09 06.02.2023
Watch many people will willingly send prayers which are very needed, while The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be the 1st helping with 📦 of 🍱, fresh H20, clothes,blankets,building h
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