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DAY 2: Operation "Dawn" in numbers

350 rockets into Israel, 17 dead and about 130 injured Palestinians

Rockets to Israel: Since the beginning of the operation, about 350 rockets and mortar bombs have been launched towards the territory of the State of Israel.

Two alarms were sounded in Gush Dan, one yesterday in Bat Yam, and the other today, following a rocket fired towards south Tel Aviv.

94 rockets landed in Palestinian territory and 29 of them landed in the sea, as a result of the poor quality of the rockets.

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CaptJinx Marine 22:49 06.08.2022
Missile must be made in Iran.
John Ross 22:09 06.08.2022
The Rockets that killed the children were rockets that the Palestinians fired theirs so bad lousy they fell on their own people I say destroy Gazza once and for all
Elba Montalvo 22:06 06.08.2022
So now we are going to be blamed for the ones that fell in Palestinian territory.
La Jun 22:04 06.08.2022
And they try to blame Israel for their failure. Everything is on Tape.