What really interests Hamas?

Hamas is threatening to escalate the situation but the issue of prisoners is just an excuse. What really interests the terrorist organization is the payment of salaries to the employees of its government sector in the Gaza Strip. In recent years, after the Palestinian Authority suspended payments due to the conflict with Hamas, the situation of the workers there has worsened and they are receiving a partial salary that is also funded by Qatar. Debts to these employees are estimated at more than $ 1 billion. 

What is the number of Hamas government employees in the Gaza Strip? This is a good question with an unclear answer. The Palestinian Authority claims that there are about 30,000. Hamas claims that there are more than 40,000 and there are even estimates that this is the most. Among those employed are members of Hamas' security forces. The monthly salary cost is estimated at about $ 35 million. The Palestinian Authority withdrew on Friday from a previous agreement to pay salaries and for Hamas, this is a good enough reason to threaten and perhaps even more so.

Image: Jihad Watch

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Terry Walley 17:35 11.09.2021
Since all Jewish people know. GOD will destroy his enemies.. Leave Hamas too GOD
Robert Nieves 16:36 11.09.2021
And let GOD sorted them out
Robert Nieves 16:33 11.09.2021
From a old movie line kill them a
darrel snider 16:02 11.09.2021
Hamas need eliminated now.
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