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AOC: Dems Lost in Virginia Because They Weren’t Far Enough to the Left

Any sane person realizes that the Virginia gubernatorial election was in effect a referendum on the gallop toward socialism that Old Joe Biden and his handlers have taken the country on since Jan. 20 and knows that race-baiting and the repudiation of parental authority are not a winning formula. 

But when we’re talking about rational and reality-based assessments, that leaves out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Trotsky), who has her own analysis of why the socialist, authoritarian Democrats crashed and burned in Virginia on Tuesday: they weren’t Leftist enough.

With a straight face, the erudite Congresswoman explained: “I know that Virginia was a huge bummer. And honestly, if anything, I think that the results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100% super-moderated campaign that does not excite, speak to, or energize a progressive base. And frankly, we weren’t even really invited to contribute on that race.”

Wait a minute. If McAuliffe didn’t “speak to or energize a progressive base,” it certainly wasn’t for want of trying. He called for teachers to be hired not on merit, but to satisfy the requirements of “diversity.” As parents in Virginia and elsewhere are rightfully outraged over Critical Race Theory and all of today’s fashionable sexual madness being taught in public schools, McAuliffe argued against a parental role in education and declared that only “experts,” not parents, should approve textbooks. 

McAuliffe claimed last Sunday that Youngkin was “ending his campaign on a racist dog whistle.” Meanwhile, his supporters worked hard to smear supporters of his opponent Glenn Youngkin as white supremacists.

The implication was clear: Virginia voted on Tuesday against “inclusion, openness, and tolerance for all,” as well as against “voting rights,” and “a woman’s right to choose,” and even against “our democracy.” Even his clichés were Leftist, as pious faux-concern about “our democracy,” and sometimes even “our sacred democracy,” has become a commonplace of Leftist rhetoric ever since Donald Trump first entered politics.

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23:44 05.11.2021
She’s ugly. Look at her face. I think she’s the daughter of Pelosi from another man.
Dawn Williams 22:10 05.11.2021
She needs to be backhanded to have her mind right she is a power abusing lunatic lil twit!!
Byron Scherer 21:38 05.11.2021
Notice these whack job libs never go without carbon based fuels, never pay the high taxes they want for others. In addition her Medicare for all doesn't include her Bernie nor Illihan omar.
Cathy Russell 19:49 05.11.2021
Strong delusion is her ‘condition and the other diagnosis is she thinks she is GOD!
Jeanne Ferguson 18:35 05.11.2021
She is a threat to all Americans who believe in the constitution. She is a child of Satan and needs to be put out of office.
Rebecca Stump 18:16 05.11.2021
She was nothing but a bar tender. Geez my grandson has more brains than her and he's only 8. So do my chickens and theirs are puny.
17:42 05.11.2021
terrence przybylski 17:38 05.11.2021
She belongs in a mental hospital, just look at those Charles manson eyes.
Jeffrey Zabner 17:37 05.11.2021
The more she talks, the more she alienates. I love seeing these leftists form a circular firing squad.
Robert Andrews 17:20 05.11.2021
She's part of the evil takeover..
darrel snider 17:06 05.11.2021
Look at satan coming out of this bitch
Marcy Maloch 17:03 05.11.2021
This crazy woman is one of the dangerous people in our country. She’s a loony toon
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