Hate Crime
Walls of cemetery were vandalized, a 14-year-old boy was arrested

Drawings of genitals were spray-painted on the cemetery walls alongside derogatory inscriptions in Arabic. Police suspecting that the vandalism was done on more than one occasion. This is another case of vandalism in the same place in 2021, after a similar incident that took place in January this year.

# Hate Crime # Negev
Wayne Parker 01:49 28.09.2021
No matter where this is it’s just wrong to desecrate the resting place of the dead unbelievable 😡😡
Gideon Arava 01:01 28.09.2021
Where is this cemetery ?
Gideon Arava 01:01 28.09.2021
Which cemetery and where ? What a stupid reporter who don’t write the location of the cemetery .
Terry Walley 00:39 28.09.2021
Darrel snider is in fact Muslim Israelis don't act or think like Muslims.
darrel snider 00:12 28.09.2021
Make example punish by whipping in front of his family.
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