06:59 PM 11:59 AM EST DEC 4, 2023 JLM 65°F
FIRST TIME: Ukrainian suicide drone tries to shoot down a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense released dramatic video footage of a close encounter between a Ukrainian suicide drone and a Russian helicopter.

The following footage shows a suicide UAV ("roaming munition" FPV) belonging to the Ukrainian forces approaching a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter and rowing towards it to explode on direct contact with it. But it ultimately failed due to the speed difference between the two aircraft.

FPV Loitering Ordnance is a UAV equipped with explosives used to attack ground targets with high precision. FPV stands for "first person view", and it allows the operator to control the drone directly through special glasses that show what the camera sees on the UAV.

Ukrainian forces used FPV munitions in the war against Russia, demonstrating a significant ability to convert ordinary drones into kamikaze (suicide) weapons. In August 2022, the volunteer committee "Aerorozvidka" ("Aerial Reconnaissance") released a video showing a drone performing a precision strike through a door open, the first attack of its kind using a drone sold on the civilian market.

In June 2023, it was reported that Russia is using FPV roving munitions to slow the Ukrainian advance, specifically Lancet drones manufactured by the Russian Kalashnikov company. These aircraft are capable of hitting modern armor such as German Leopard 2 tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles. However, it is unclear whether Russia is capable of deploying these aircraft in large numbers.

FPV ROVING ARMAMENTS present a new threat to the conventional anti-tank weapons available to the infantry, making them difficult to deal with. Because there is no protection for vehicles from an attack from above. Therefore, the armed forces must develop new strategies to deal with these threats.

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