Bennet-Lapid Government
Minister Shaked was surprised by Ra'am's announcement

Minister of the Interior Ayelet Shaked (Yamina) was surprised by RAAM's announcement of a change in the enforcement policy for construction offenses in the Negev - and has asked for clarification.

The PM announced yesterday that as part of the understandings for resolving the crisis around the Temple Mount, the government has decided to ease enforcement policy in unrecognized localities in the Negev. 

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11:36 17.05.2022
Pamela Hackner 11:22 17.05.2022
Israel must get rid of Bennett and Co and the Arab party , who decided to stay in the government, because he would not continue getting money to pay for all terror attacks..
Shalom Pollack 08:22 17.05.2022
Rav Kahana warned us
Suzanne Aladjem 07:27 17.05.2022
Time forBennet to go destroying Israelโ€™s sovereignty to heโ€™s partners the Arabs. Vote him out before too late.
Moshe Moses 07:21 17.05.2022
Israel gov are Israeli traitors, G-d is shaking in his heavenly chair as he gave all Israel as inheritance to the Jewish people only not to the Ram which belongs to Hamas or any other nation.
Moshe Moses 07:14 17.05.2022
Shaked shame you should you be informed by the terrorist ๐Ÿ Party instead of Naftal Bennett ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑIsrael prime minister, this Bennett & the gov including you and a minister sold Israel to Ram.
Moshe Moses 07:05 17.05.2022
Bennet time from you resign
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