Terror Attack
VIDEOS: BREAKING! Arab media outlets report a rocket attack on the Green Zone in Baghdad - UPDATES

The attack was on the capital of Iraq, in the area where the US embassy is located.

Bursts of c-ram system in the sky of Baghdad; the sounds of three explosions in the green zone

Updates to come as available! Refresh to see the updates!

Statement from Iranian source (opposition to Ayattolahs):

19: 32: The Biden administration needs to adopt a strong #Iran policy or else these attacks will increase. This latest attack comes after last night's remarks from WH Press Sec Jen Psaki blaming their failed policies on Trump.

19:48: An Iraqi army spokeswoman reports that a woman and a girl were injured in the attack by one of the rockets in the school. Attached are photos from where the rocket hit


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Dennis Bell 18:21 13.01.2022
Oh well let’s lie and blame Trump. Brandon still doesn’t know who is in office.
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