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WATCH: The embarrassing blunder of the Prime Minister of Lebanon

Lebanon's interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati has become an internet joke. 

All this happened after yesterday evening he arrived to receive the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Miloni who started an official visit to Lebanon. It turns out that he didn't know what the guest of honor looked like.

Miloni was delayed on the plane but in the meantime one of the Italian delegation got off the plane. Mikati rushed to receive and kiss her and started escorting her until someone bothered to explain to him that this was not the head of the Italian government... 

After a few minutes of waiting, the Italian guest went down the stairs of the plane towards her host, but Mikati's exclamation went viral.

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Miriam Bassiouni 10:23 03.04.2024
People make fun of him because he spoke up against Nasrallah of hisbollah.... how he is bringing lebanon down
[Anonymous] 03:41 03.04.2024
Shit for brains!
[Anonymous] 00:09 03.04.2024
Brainless Biden, twin brother 
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