The War in Syria
Assad seeks legitimacy, Hezbollah calls for rapprochement with the West: Exceptional processes in the northern arena

At the same time as strengthening competence in the reserves, the defense establishment is monitoring the process of giving legitimacy to the Assad regime. According to the defense establishment, this is a slow process, which so far includes opening embassies in Syria, talks with Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, asserting sovereignty with Russian backing, and evacuating the senior Iranian officer from Syrian territory, who acted contrary to Assad's position.

In the past month, foreign publications have intensified IDF attacks in Syrian territory against terrorist targets such as weapons depots, Iran's infrastructure in Syria and human targets such as Madhat al-Salah who was in charge of Golan affairs in the Syrian government and has extensive ties with Iranians and Hezbollah and was killed near the border last month. Assessments in Israel, a-Salah was involved in future terrorist activities.

Israel also estimates that Lebanon is in the worst crisis in its history and that, unlike in the period of the Civil War, most civilians have no hope. Countries in the West like the United States and France stopped the money transfers because they realized that the money and investments do not really reach the citizens, but serve the interests of corrupt governments in Lebanon. In Israel, a new process is being identified within the Hezbollah organization, contrary to the position of Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, who call for opening up to the West, facilitating the ideology of the citizens, for example in dress, openness to other communities in Lebanon.

Nasrallah has not spoken publicly on the issue so far as it is estimated in Israel he is preoccupied with many and varied issues such as public criticism of the organization and the emerging government, the Beirut explosion affair, the battleless winter without firewood, electricity and food. Despite this, it is estimated in Israel that Hezbollah continues to build power in the field of accuracy and maintaining its power multipliers such as rockets, precision missiles and upgrading special forces.

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