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SPECIAL VIDEO REPORT: IDF Shares Innovations in Defense and Tech with Allies from 20 Countries

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel is long known for its military’s capability. Given the country’s size and with enemies on all borders, Israel realizes the importance of innovation in defense and sharing knowledge with allies.

Israel recently conducted a multi-dimensional live-fire exercise, attended by 1,500 high ranking officers, including U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley.

“All of us are like-minded, we're all allies and partners of one kind or another,” Milley said. “And we are all giving way together to try to figure out what the feature operational environment is, and to innovate and develop our forces, our organization, our doctrines, our structures in our equipment in order to meet future challenges.”

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La Jun 22:56 25.09.2022
Milley is a traitor. His days are numbered