Good news!

Pfizer’s presentation reveals significant improvement in combating the Delta strain that is currently increasing morbidity rates in Israel. 

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Rhoda Wright 09:05 31.07.2021
This wonderful country?? The whole world truly needs the people of Israel 🇮🇱 💗
Rhoda Wright 09:02 31.07.2021
Wake up World .. Israel 🇮🇱 is the Innovation Nation & is always looking for ways to help everyone other nation in the world , so why in the name of common sense would any we try to illuminate this
Moshe Moses 07:07 31.07.2021
G-d Bless Israel the Innovation Nation its Health Experts Found New Way to Fight the Delta Strain in Israel by Giving Elderly a 3rd dose of Pfizer Vaccine Israel Leading the World by Example.
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