Today's News Summary from Israel
Summary of Today's News Jan 21 2022: Yoni Ben-Menachem

NEWSRAEL: Today's summary is mostly about the battle for who will inherit the leadership of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority. Will this battle become one of words, or arms?

*** Idle threats!
U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said last night that talks on the Iranian nuclear program had reached a "critical stage," warning that "there will be a need to take a different path with Tehran if no progress is made."

*** The foreign ministers of the Western Quartet participating in talks on the Iranian nuclear program have issued another warning to Tehran, stressing the need to speed up the negotiation process, return to joint compliance with the terms of the agreement and halt the expansion of its nuclear activities.

*** Prime Minister Bennett spoke by telephone with Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed, Abu Dhabi's regent, and condemned the Houthi rebels' missile and drone strikes on Abu Dhabi.
Bennett offered security and intelligence assistance to the UAE.

*** The planned Arab summit in Algeria has been postponed due to "Corona"
Hussam Zaki, assistant secretary general of the Arab League, told reporters at the end of his visit to Algeria that the forthcoming 31st Arab summit in Algeria "will not take place until Ramadan, which will take place in early April," meaning it will take place in late May or June.

*** Axios website: The United States, the European Union and Israel are very concerned that the inability to pay salaries in the public sector could lead to the collapse of the Palestinian Authority government.

*** Fakhri Barghouti, Member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council:
The only reason why Hussein al-Sheikh preceded leadership positions, from a member of the Fatah Central Committee to his membership in the PLO Executive Committee, is his betrayal of leader Marwan Barghouti and other national figures.

*** The battle for inheritance in the PA
Hussein a-Sheikh and Majed Faraj have become the "strong axis" in the PA that is very close to Abu Mazen and leaders in the battle of succession, facing an opposition led by Jabril Rajoub and Mahmoud El-Alul. Muhammad Dahlan and Marwan Bardotti are half neutralized.

A tough battle is expected!

*** Palestinian journalist 'Abd al-Rahman Tahar was sentenced to three months in prison for criticizing the Palestinian Authority

*** US official: "Progress in nuclear talks with Iran is painfully slow"
In early February, the Biden administration's unofficial deadline for talks with Iran is expected to expire. To reach an agreement with Iran it will have to accelerate the pace of progress in negotiations with the powers in Vienna or slow down the pace of progress of its nuclear program in order to buy time.

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