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ARAB VOICES: Hamas and its dirty connection to Iran

An Algerian journalist on the danger of Hamas to the region following the immoral connection of Iranians who harmed Palestinians and Syrians in the civil war in Syria

Noir Abdelmalek, a former officer in the Algerian army who lives in France and works as a journalist who heads the "International Observatory for Documenting the Crimes of the Iranians" writes this morning on his social media account page (over 600,000 followers):

ABSURD. Hamas mourns the Syrian murderers and calls them "martyrs".

Hamas condemned the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus and considered the Iranian terrorists as those who died "martyrs".

What do you have to say to Hamas, to Syrians, that Iran slaughtered your children, invaded your homes, tortured you, attacked your homes, destroyed your cities,expelled and slaughtered your men and boys by the same criminal officers who were killed in the consulate after a meeting where they planned to carry out new crimes against you?

Palestinians, what do you have to say to the Hamas terrorists who are now giving certificates of honor to the criminals who raped the Palestinian women in the Eliramuk refugee camp in Damascus, starved the Palestinians, abused them to death in the police stations and executed them in the field?

Gazans, what will you say to the Hamas terrorists who trade in your blood for the interests of Iran?

Jordanians, what will you say to them, when your homeland is now in danger due to Iranian plans and Hamas incitement that has crossed all the red lines?

Hamas has become a real danger for the Palestinian issue, for the security of Arab countries, for the identity of the Sunni Muslims. It has become a tool to destroy stability in the region and is no different from Hezbollah, the Houthis, the Iraqi al-Hashd al-Shaabi and other terrorist militias of Khamenei.

Abu Ali Express: Israel has many partners in the Middle East that would be happy to run over Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah. We need to learn to use them. Identity of interests.

Source: Abu Ali Express - Telegram

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