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Maxine Waters: Trump, Supporters ‘Would Like to See a Civil War in this Country’

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) Sunday on MSNBC accused former President Donald Trump and his supporters of wanting to see “a civil war in this country.”

Waters said, “This is a very difficult time for Democrats, for this country. Of course, we have Republicans who are basically following Trump and the kind of division that he’s causing among not only people of color but the kind of divisions he’s causing between the so-called haves and the have nots.”

She continued, “What everybody better understand is this democracy is at stake. These domestic terrorists are organizing. The president is helping them in the way he speaks to them, the way that he encourages them. And so, we’re in for it.”

Waters added, “People better understand that democracy is being damaged and undermined. I believe that they would like to see a civil war in this country. I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me but don’t forget I talked about this president long ago when he was first inaugurated.

I said that he was going to be dangerous, he was going to be troublesome, and he was going to be undermining the democracy as he aligned himself with Putin and others who are dictators. That is what he wants to be.”

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14:40 15.04.2022
Maxine Waters is bad. Don’t trust Maxine. Get lost Maxine. Red waves will come soon
Bert Barrios 14:30 15.04.2022
Trump is a lair and criminal he lost and he was laying like always his followers are blind I am not for Biden but I am tired by people saying he win wen his lose this guy is evil he don’t care 
Bacha Cobian 14:29 15.04.2022
Between her, Pelosi, Biden and Harris together don’t make one.
14:26 15.04.2022
Maxine Waters just wants to race war real racist lady full of hate she’s like which Pelosi full of Hate and lies she just serves the god of this world full of lies and hate she Yeah diarrhe mouth
14:23 15.04.2022
She’s getting old and can’t think right!
David Beirne 02:49 20.01.2022
Why would someone flag the first comment..that’s what the Left does not us..I may not agree but the person has a right to their opinion that’s what makes USA great!
Dennis Bell 23:28 19.01.2022
I have often wondered if these people actually talk across the aisle. Only feces come falling from her mouth. I’ve been a Dem as long as her and have heard nothing but separation from her.
22:13 19.01.2022
We should Boil in oil maxine waters and supporters now.
21:25 19.01.2022
I agree with Barbara press that that’s all they got is the race card and using that to divide the country people are going to react you take the freedom away Maxine we’re out of control🤡
C & 21:16 19.01.2022
President Trump WON! Benjamin Netanyahu WON! Rigged elections to bring in the turn-keys into every nation for evil agenda through the United Nations!
C & 21:14 19.01.2022
Maxine Waters is against our constitution! Trump and "We the people" are FOR our constitution and it's laws! Maxine Waters, Biden REGIME and all on their side are against our constitution and for evil
Anna Payton 21:11 19.01.2022
She is a danger to democracy, she is the one that wanted the 2 parties seperated.
21:10 19.01.2022
Maxine is a total idiot that cares only about achieving control and accumulating power. She doesn’t care about her constituents.
Elba Montalvo 21:08 19.01.2022
Her words are dividing just in case I’m hispanic and live in a section eight. Not rich or else and I voted for Trump.
21:08 19.01.2022
She’s demonizing because she thinks that her party does the same she hates Trump didn’t care about nobody that voted for him she’ll say and do anything she’s just another socialist extremisti🤡
Renee DeBramaletta 21:06 19.01.2022
this female is evil and stupid.
Charleene Jammes 21:06 19.01.2022
What she means is the Dems are have ing a lot of trouble
Barbara Press 21:06 19.01.2022
Maxine …stop with this “People of Color”! We are all “people”. Obama instigating the dividing of America. Trump saw us all as one people and helped everyone.
Edna Messer 21:05 19.01.2022
Her party is doing all they can do to destroy America, and she and a couple of others are leading the pack…
21:02 19.01.2022
I’m telling you people especially Israel Biden is evil hisreligions evil They hate can n youJew And the protestant it’s a religion of total hate for anybody that goes against them Netanyahu is right
20:54 19.01.2022
To the Ones who are trying to destroy America; message to you. John 17:3 and this is life eternal, that they might know thee The only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. My President 45!
Desiree Siefkas 20:45 19.01.2022
Maxine’s statements are what brings on war. Trump likes law and order. Maxine is still hating us over slavery we did not cause.
20:08 19.01.2022
I agree with Maxine Waters!