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RARE BATTLE VIDEO: The defeat of a central Hamas battalion

The engineering, infantry and armor forces of the 36th Division fight to defeat the Hamas 'Zaytoon' battalion.

This is one of the main battalions of the terrorist organization operating in the area of the Zaytoon neighborhood in Gaza City, and entrenching itself in the heart of residential neighborhoods, hospitals, schools and kindergartens while hiding and attacking from civilian infrastructure.

The fighters of the Golani Brigade's combat team led the beginning of the fighting in 'Zayytun'. They encountered many dozens of terrorists since the beginning of the fighting in the neighborhood, fought face-to-face battles with them, and so far have eliminated many of them.

In addition, the fighters of the 188th Brigade's combat team took over a number of key targets of the 'Zayytun' Battalion, including the office of the Gaza Brigade commander and the battalion's central headquarters. The forces searched the area, located many weapons and at the end of the searches they destroyed the office of the brigade commander.

The forces also directed an air strike in the area of the neighborhood and led to the elimination of terrorists. In the last few days, they located a laboratory for the production of rockets, explosives and explosives, a tunnel shaft, a high explosive device and an unmanned aerial vehicle inside a mosque in the neighborhood.

The fighters of the infantry school brigade's combat team destroyed military targets of the Hamas terrorist organization in the neighborhood, including a GAP munitions production post, where heavy and long-range rockets and a lathe used for terrorist purposes were found.

After that, tunnel shafts were destroyed, headquarters of the terrorist organization Hamas were captured, intelligence material used by the organization to learn about IDF weapons was confiscated and other buildings were attacked from which terrorists fired at IDF forces.

"During the last days of the 36th Division's fighting in the Zeytun neighborhood, we constantly encountered an enemy hiding behind children and women and behind sensitive civilian infrastructure," said the commander of the 36th Division, Brigadier General Dado Bar Kalifa, "the forces of the division, including Golani's combat teams, of the 188th Armored Brigade and of the infantry school brigade, operated in a complex war zone within the built-up area, exposed the terrorists who were hiding in the civilian space and eliminated many terrorists."

"These achievements were made possible thanks to the close cooperation between the infantry, engineering and armor forces and the Air Force forces," he added, "we will not stop until we achieve all our goals, and we will continue to work to protect our home."

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Don Davies 23:21
The Jewish people are God’s chosen people, they are also the apple of God’s eye!
R S 17:22 23.11.2023
Great job! Don’t stop until they are all gone!
Lamko Cecile 04:41 21.11.2023
God's grace upon Israel and IDF in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Polly Spires 03:59 21.11.2023
Wow!! Taking care of business and may God protect each one of them
23:51 20.11.2023
Awesome job. Praying for victory
mo colar 23:33 20.11.2023
Great going 👏
Lois Joseph 22:52 20.11.2023
21:58 20.11.2023
Great job
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21:01 20.11.2023
Amen !
20:46 20.11.2023
Great job IDF!!
Daryl Beesley 20:37 20.11.2023