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Netanyahu: Progress made on hostage deal as Cabinet convenes

The Cabinet is now meeting to approve an agreement with Hamas.

(November 21, 2023 / JNS) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hoping there will soon be good news regarding a deal to secure the release of some hostages being held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, he said on Tuesday.

“I don’t think it’s worth saying too much, not at even this moment, but I hope there will be good news soon. We are making progress,” the prime minister told soldiers of the 8101st Battalion of the Alexandroni Reserve Brigade serving near the border with Lebanon.

NEWSRAEL: We will report on the details of the hostage deal ONLY when there is an official decision and the details are published. Everything being said in the media is speculation!

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Lynne Scott 14:36 22.11.2023
Keep it close to your chest! Do not trust the biden or staff! We don’t! Listen to the Holy Spirit, sir, then go for what He says big time!! He will intercede. Man can not. 1 Corinthians 2:2. 👊🏼✝️✝️
Lynne Scott 14:32 22.11.2023
Keep it close to your chest!! Do not trust the biden,
[Anonymous] 04:54 22.11.2023
unfortunately , human lives have become commodities that can be bought,sold, pawned , seized, imprisoned and released against their will.
[Anonymous] 04:15 22.11.2023
If they’re ready to make a deal then the IDF must be really close to hostages and Hamas. Don’t stop, don’t back down. Don’t allow PA to control Gaza.
Christine Miklosik 02:25 22.11.2023
Please Israel be smart. Keep alert at what they are doing. I wonder once given back some of their hostages if they will kill them for telling IDF some secrets.
[Anonymous] 01:33 22.11.2023
I was in hope that all hostages would be released at once. I’m not there so my input should not matter. I hope Israel is making the right decision. I do feel for the families
Lanny Cummings 01:20 22.11.2023
May Yahweh guide the PM and the Cabinet. Death to the Hamas devils.
Lee Lian 01:11 22.11.2023
The barbarians get the most out of this deal. They get more terrorists freed compared to the small number of hostages that will be released. Refuelling, 5-day ceasefire will empower the devil.
Steve Jensen 22:50 21.11.2023
What a huge capitulation! My unequivocal support for Israel will be be greatly eroded if Israel caves in and exchanges 1000s of Hamas prisoners for a few hostages, and does a ceasefire.
Melvyn Moses 22:07 21.11.2023
Natanyahu gives into the Biden most Evil US president only second to Satan OBAMA
Melvyn Moses 22:05 21.11.2023
Very Sad Netanyahu has caved in,first he said all hostages must freed, now it looks like Ceasefire all in Hamas favour,he we go again Hamas has succeded,how can Israel ever trust Natanyahu again
Gail Cross 21:18 21.11.2023
Pray that Adonai will lead you in wisdom to make the RIGHT decision, seek His direction!!!!!!🙏🙏
[Anonymous] 21:10 21.11.2023
You have to think of the safety of Israel versus a hostage deal right now. This will be a huge mistake.
[Anonymous] 21:09 21.11.2023
Numbers are not equal and hamas is going to use this time to bring in long range missiles in from Iran  a hostage deal is a mistake
Lamko Cecile 20:48 21.11.2023
Good news for the families of the lucky hostages! May God protect the hostages who aren't in the deal🙏🙏🙏
Laurie Nahum 20:43 21.11.2023
We do not negotiate with terrorists. Do you really think they can be trusted.
Art 20:41 21.11.2023
If a deal is made, the unfortunate thing is that some tunnels remain in tact and Hamas will be back. The good news is the surviving hostages will be out of Hamas control. Pray for Israel
John Ross 20:40 21.11.2023
That’s what you get when you are a peace activist with butchers. Some of these isréélus and leftist are so retarded !!now suffer at the hands of hamas .
John Ross 20:39 21.11.2023
They say this girl was a peace activist now she’s a piece for Hamas..  you’re a peace activist
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