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Biden Admin continues attacks on Supreme Court following affirmative action ruling

A new analysis says that the Biden administration is persistently working to erode the credibility and standing of the country’s highest court, especially in response to a series of rulings with which the White House disagrees.

According to the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), the Department of Education earlier this week issued new “guidance” for universities and colleges that effectively informs institutions how to best ignore the U.S. Supreme Court’s June ruling striking down racial preferences in admissions practices.

“The document specifically tells admissions offices that while they can’t consider an applicant’s race in choosing whether or not to accept them, they can consider how an applicant’s race has affected their life,” AMAC noted in an analysis.

“According to the examples provided in the guidance, universities could use ‘an applicant’s explanation about what it means to him to be the first Black violinist in his city’s youth orchestra or an applicant’s account of overcoming prejudice when she transferred to a rural high school where she was the only student of South Asian descent’ as a factor in admitting them over another candidate,” the analysis noted further.

AMAC continued: In other words, the administration is giving schools the green light to continue pursuing the same discriminatory admissions schemes the Court just outlawed. Instead of schools using an applicant’s race to determine whether or not they are admitted, the guidance says, schools should use an applicant’s experience being that race. It is a distinction without a difference.

In June, the Court struck down Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, a decision that legal experts from diverse viewpoints had widely considered potentially unconstitutional. Nevertheless, in response to the ruling, Biden promptly revealed an alternative strategy to circumvent it, consistently questioning the court’s jurisdiction.

Source: The Conservative Brief - Photo: Reuters

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Jesus Mysavior 21:25 03.09.2023
The devil is always at work all we can do is pray to God in Jesus Christ name 🙏
20:18 03.09.2023
4: . The One World Government will not have its way. I did not leave you to fight this fight alone. My David’s soon return will be seen by the world, saith the Lord of Hosts.
20:17 03.09.2023
3: One you have been waiting for to return. The one who is My David, who will help you get your freedoms and your rightful lands that had been held back from you.
20:16 03.09.2023
2: A freedom will take place, & land will be given back, land that no one thought would be returned. Yes, this will take place. So, My children in Israel, I am bringing back a great ally.
20:14 03.09.2023
1: The Israeli people are still My people, and the world will know it, saith the Lord. Something significant is about to take place in Israel.
Jacob Feller 20:10 03.09.2023
Now,BiBi should question Biden’s stance on Affirmative action and student loans vis a vis the Supreme Court.What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.If Biden has the Chutzpah,so should BiBi!
20:04 03.09.2023
How can Biden is there to criticize the Israeli government for putting constraints and it’s Supreme Court when he’s circumvents his own
20:04 03.09.2023
These extremist leftists who now dominate the government think they are above the law, and above the Supreme Court.