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LEBANESE ANALYSTS: The IDF attack in Damascus was very significant

Two top Lebanese academic analysts wrote about the IDF targeted attack in Damascus. 

The political analyst specializing in Iranian affairs, Waydan Abdel Rahman, said for his part, "Israel was able to know the timing and location of the meeting at the Tehran consulate in Damascus through its agents in the Iranian intelligence, so its attack was quite precise."

Academic Mohammad Mohsen Abu Elnoor, head of the Arab Forum for Iranian Policy Analysis, believes that the attack was  "a very significant development, especially that the location of the attack is an internationally recognized diplomatic headquarters, and that the operation is the largest of its kind so far." He means Soleimani.

Claims that Tehran will respond directly to the attack based on two basic considerations, as he put it, while denying the option of responding through its agents in the region.

Failure to respond will adversely affect Tehran's agents in the region. Iran has no choice but to respond this time for reasons of internal defense of the regime against the opposition fronts.

According to Abu al-Nour, Tehran's failure to respond directly could expose it to criticism within the ranks of its military establishment, which means Tehran may respond soon.

NEWSRAEL: The two analysts in a way cancel out each other. While one says that Iran not only MUST "respond" - they must respond by themselves, something the Iranians HATE to do. They would much rather "some Arab" (as they call their proxies) do it for them.

On the other hand, the other analyst says that Israel has such precise Intel on the echelon of Iran's IRGC that they knew who and when this meeting was taking place and had the DARING to take them out. This means that any plans Iran has for "responding" will likely be know to Israel also.

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Richard D 23:51 03.04.2024
I love to hear the stories of the Israeli LIONS OF JUDAH devouering the cowardly iranians and hamastinians and houthies. Hashem Hashem Hashem the Holy one will remind all of them about his chosen.
[Anonymous] 03:16 03.04.2024
May God help Israel.
Beverly Martin 02:08 03.04.2024
Good it's about time us Israelis called the shots and made the Iranians freak out
dophil phil 00:03 03.04.2024
Great job.
ronald singer 21:53 02.04.2024
Amen ! Hallelujah
[Anonymous] 21:47 02.04.2024
Oh Glory what a hit!!!!
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