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Narrow escape: Israeli women were inches away from deadly explosion in Istanbul

โ€œIt was truly horrifying โ€” people slammed against the walls, missing their heads and limbs.. Nightmarish,โ€ said an Israeli witness.

Two Israeli women visiting Turkey were shocked to see themselves captured on security footage walking just inches away from the terrorist suspected of planting a bomb in a central district of Istanbul on Sunday, triggering an explosion which killed at least six people and wounded 81.

Sisters-in-law Or Etetgi and Natalie Suissa, both residents of the southern coastal city of Ashdod, were surprised after a widely publicized screenshot of a security video showed them within arm’s length of the young woman whom police say executed the terror attack.

Image - Telegram

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That must've been terrifying! I can't imagine how they must feel right now! At least they're okay