Palestinian Terror
BREAKING: Terror attack foiled by alert citizens and Israeli Police!

Last night, the Israeli police arrested 4 residents of Judea and Samaria in Pardes Hanna after they stayed at the place without the necessary permits and in their possession are knives and the suspect's material as a drug

Police last night began searches in Pardes Hanna after receiving a report on the identification of suspicious people in an apartment in the locality.
The municipal police officers, combined with the Zichron Yaacov police officers, arrived at the apartment and arrested the 4 residents.

A search of the apartment turned up a number of knives and IDF uniforms.

At the end of their interrogation at the Zichron Yaacov police, the suspects were transferred for interrogation.

Image: 301 Arab World

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darrel snider 10:29 15.09.2021
Good job
06:18 15.09.2021
Gary here again I’ve been praying for the peace of Israel Jerusalem the safety of the people God is looking out for his people I love his people and so the Lord loves his 🙏🏻people to thank you Lord
Marcy Maloch 04:01 15.09.2021
Well that’s great that people were paying attention
Karolina De 22:21 14.09.2021
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