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Turkey’s FM wants to visit Temple Mount — without Israelis

Turkey-Israel relations have warmed up recently, but Cavusoglu’s plan to visit the contentious site is reportedly creating renewed tension.

The diplomat announced his plan to visit the Temple Mount without Israeli accompaniment, which is opposed by the Shin Bet, Israel’s Security Agency, which is concerned about the need to follow security protocol.

As reported by World Israel News
Image source: Flash90/Jamal Awad

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Bobby Hart 16:08 21.05.2022
This unprecedented event may be a signal of a bilateral desire for improved Turkish-Israeli relations especially in regard to the rebuilding of the Third Temple. The Turkish Islamic Union desires it
Dalya Horowitz 14:15 21.05.2022
Nice chance for an international incident. Not a great idea
John Naulu 13:19 21.05.2022
Israel 🇮🇱 ministers should decide who comes to the Temple Mount. Not Turkey 🇹🇷 or any nations of the world 🌎. Israel should always suspicions of any Muslim diplomats coming to visit the Temple
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