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Brigadier General Amit Saar, Head of the Research Division of the IDF Intelligence Division: How do you define Gaza for 2022?

"Gaza is a chronic problem. It has no solution in its current configuration, Hamas controls Gaza. It certainly has no political solution. For all those who want to enter and occupy Gaza - no one wants to stay in Gaza. You can occupy Gaza, but then there is one problem - you stay with Gaza.

No one wants it, everyone has learned that it is better not to. There is nothing to gain. Therefore, the event against Gaza is to keep it as quiet as possible. Try to extend the intervals between the clashes. Gaza is a chronic disease, which you control "with great pills". If there is an outbreak, you will have to deal with it."

In Operation Zuk Eitan in 2014, the IDF had difficulty locating and damaging tunnels. Finally, the army was forced to maneuver deep into Palestinian territory. 

Only thanks to creative commanders in the field, problems were solved in this "underground world" - but there was no systemic solution to the gap. Saar explained that since then, the IDF has been in a "learning race". 

In the years since, we have turned our biggest disadvantage into our biggest advantage," he stated, adding that the tunnels have become "from the thing we did not know the site "to an important strategic advantage, because there we were most comfortable hitting them. 

"This is a learning competition, this is what winning a learning competition looks like," he said. "To win a learning competition, you need silence. In Gaza, silence serves us."

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