BREAKING!!! Footage of the border clashes between Iran and Taliban forces

Sources told @aamajnews24 that the Iranian side is using heavy weapons (as you can see towards the end of the clip), and the Taliban have deployed the American Humvees in the fight against the Iranians.

There are no details yet on why these clashes have broken out.

Video: Social media

# Taliban # The Iranian Threat # Afghanistan
03:35 02.12.2021
Let these curse people annihilate each other. Please don’t come under their curse.
Wayne Gabler 21:21 01.12.2021
Smells like it is another MOSSAD false-flag production.
Dennis Bell 21:18 01.12.2021
Let them destroy each other.
dennis dragomir 16:39 01.12.2021
Let Iran scream "death to the Taliban"
Tony Pettitt 15:52 01.12.2021
I approve of our artillery being used to destroy the Iranian regime Maybe it was GODS plan after all 
Nick Horsky 15:09 01.12.2021
At least the American supplies are being used to kill Iranian scum!
Charles Wells 15:05 01.12.2021
Evil will devour evil.🤔
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