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BREAKING: Two Israeli-Russian hostages on their way to Israel

This was done as a special request from Russia.

IDF spokesperson: According to the information provided by the Red Cross, two Israeli hostages were transferred to them and are on their way to Israeli territory.

Their release is in addition to the list of hostages scheduled to be released tonight.


Does the article interest you?
[Anonymous] 23:25 29.11.2023
Perhaps Trump could ask Putin to get our American hostages released??? Biden’s not going to do anything. He’s made that clear. He can’t go against his string holders, the globalists.
Heather Redden 18:48 29.11.2023
Biden AND China can lend a helping hand 🤚 too… this world is a 💩mess 😩…😞😔
[Anonymous] 18:06 29.11.2023
Perhaps Bibi or Biben can ask Putin to ask for ALL the remaining hostages be released as a personal favour to him, that is Putin.
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