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VIDEO: Persecution of Jews in Lebanon

As we lead up to the memorial day for the Jewish refugees from Arab countries, we share the stories of the ancient Jewish communities who were virtually wiped out by racism, extremism and violence in the Middle East.

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Henry Lee 07:17 24.04.2022
Yes , it's sad that throughout history the Jews have been persecuted. They are the chosen people of God. Their belief in God is strong and doesn't change with times. As a Christian we shared same God
Susan Watcher 05:33 24.04.2022
Why isn't this article shareable? The share button doesn't work.
La Jun 05:22 24.04.2022
It time for the Jewish people around the world to return to their Homeland before the terrible days come upon this earth.
Phillip Avalos 02:07 23.03.2022
I Love Israel always will I’m happy to be Part of Jews Family ! God’s Chosen people ✡️✡️✡️🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱✝️
Stella Leontsini 02:38 29.12.2021
What a shame for Lebanon to throw away Some of their Best neighbors
02:18 29.12.2021
I have always stood with Israel and the Jewish people even though I am only part Jew they are still part of my family!