US - Israeli Cooperation
Israel keeping US uninformed on covert attacks in Iran

Sources tell CNN that US not informed about Israel’s efforts against Iran’s nuclear program, including assassination of IRGC Colonel Khodaei.

Israel is keeping the US in the dark as it steps up alleged covert operations against Iran’s nuclear program, according to a report Tuesday.

The report from CNN, citing multiple sources, would appear to crack the veneer of close communication and cooperation between Israel and the US regarding efforts against Iran’s nuclear program, and may underline US concerns surrounding Israel’s more aggressive campaign, which has been blamed for a number of high profile killings recently.

As reported by The Times of Israel
Image source: Atta Kenare/AFP

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Robbie Temple 19:33 22.06.2022
And if I was Israel I wouldn't tell the Biden administration anything because of all the Democrats hating Israel to begin with and anybody can see that the Democrats hate Israel
Robbie Temple 19:32 22.06.2022
I would like to know why would anyone believe anything that CNN has to say. All they do is lie about your country
Ronnie Davis 10:17 22.06.2022
Renee De 09:49 22.06.2022
Don't believe CNN, they are all liars. They don't know the truth. CNN is a crab station. They lie to all who watches this shithole station.
Norbert Stager 09:44 22.06.2022
I wouldn't tell the Biden administration anything either.
FRANZISKA SCHMID 09:14 22.06.2022
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