Arab Crime Wave in Israel
Minister Bar-Lev: Two Border Police companies will increase their forces in the south as part of the war on crime

 At an emergency conference with 13 heads of municipalities and cities in the south, the Minister of Internal Security told about a plan according to which an additional 300 police officers for the south will be approved in the upcoming state budget. But until then, in the next six months, Border Police forces will descend south 

Homeland Security Minister Omar Bar-Lev announced today (Wednesday) that two Border Police companies will begin reinforce law enforcement forces in the south as part of the fight against crime. The minister made the remarks at an emergency conference with 13 heads of municipalities and cities in the south. Bar-Lev presented to the heads of the authorities a plan according to which a plan will be approved in the near budget that will allow the addition of more than 300 policemen to the south, but until then the forces will immediately be confiscated by Border Battalions. 

The conference was organized by the head of the Lehavim local council where the conference was held. "You have to first stop the rolling snowball and then start rolling it in the opposite direction," Bar-Lev said. "The public does not have the patience and justice, the reality is here and now and a quick response is needed. Therefore, I am examining the possibility of immediately adding two Border Police companies to the south." Minister Barlev told the heads of the authorities that in recent years we have witnessed an increase in violence in the south and the Negev in an almost systematic way. "But what happened after the wall guard is a leap forward. And the thing that has been growing in recent years is of course the incompetence of previous governments, of treating police differently, and so on. Now, one can get into psychological explanations as to why the wall guard suddenly caused this outbreak, but You don't have to be a psychologist to understand that once in the Wall Guard, people, mostly Bedouin, a small pinch of the Bedouin population, grabbed weapons and went out on the roads, and decided they were the governors, it causes insecurity. And that unfortunately continues until now. "

The heads of councils asked for budgets to eradicate crime in the south and the minister replied that "these are not things that will happen tomorrow morning, everything I said will happen only after the budget is approved and felt in the field not six months from now. I have no doubt I will hear many things. It hurts him, so it's important for me to come and hear. " Dimona Mayor Benny Bitton said at the hearing that "if you do not have the resources it will not work. You have to press now before the budget passes. You hear everyone. First of all the money will be with you and then we will put together a plan together."

"According to him, the police are doing a wonderful job, but the public does not feel it, and the amount of militias is a problem for the police."Anna Polishuk Kosa, a resident of Lehavim, told the minister that "You see things from above, I live in the field. Only in the last two weeks have I been exposed to three serious incidents. Weapons pulled out of windows. I should not be afraid of rioters that the police can not deal with. The lack of trust in citizens who are already calling and reporting is a problem. And nothing is being done. The public is losing trust. There are roads I am afraid to travel on.


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