SHOCKING TV VIDEO: "If my wife refuses me, I will rape her, douse her in gasoline, light her on fire!!!"

Ahmad: "[My wife] should wait for me until I return home. Then she should see what I need and what I want. The woman, for me, is like a commodity. She should do exactly what I want."

Interviewer: "What do you mean by 'commodity'?"

Ahmad: "She's a commodity, she is nothing. Nothing."

Interviewer: "What do you mean?"

Ahmad: "I married her only so she could fulfill my wishes and serve me. That's it. If I want a bath, she should bathe me. I never bathe on my own."

Interviewer: "And if she doesn't want to?"

Ahmad: "She will do it anyway."

Interviewer: "Why do you want her to shower you?"

Ahmad: "She has been bathing my for 18 years."

Interviewer: "For 18 years? Every day?"

Ahmad: "Yes, every day."

Interviewer: "Who?"

Ahmad: "My wife."

Interviewer: "Where does she bathe you?"

Ahmad: "Sometimes in the bathroom, and sometimes we go to the garden next to our home, so people can see how this woman respects her husband. Is this something to be ashamed of?


"If I tell her to bring me a glass of water, she should go as fast as a bullet and bring it to me. And if I tell her to bring me some food, she will do it."

Interviewer: "And if she doesn't?"

Ahmad: "She will get two or three slaps across her face. Get up and bring your man a glass of water!"

Interviewer: "And if she doesn't get up?"

Ahmad: "Then I would pour gasoline all over her and light her up.


"A woman's role is to serve her man. Just as he works hard [to make a living], she should work hard for him at home."

Interviewer: "You beat her."

Ahmad: "Yes. You said two or three slaps. Then what? If she doesn't get up, I give her more slaps. Until she gets up and brings a glass of water to her [Arab knight] Antarah ibn Shaddad, who works hard all day long. Who is supposed to serve him?

Interviewer: "What happens if your wife tells you 'no'?"

Ahmad: "When I want to have sex with her?"

Interviewer: "And she doesn't want [to have sex]."

Ahmad: "Since when can she do what she wants?"

Interviewer: "She doesn't want to [have sex]."

Ahmad: "If she doesn't want [to have sex], I rape her."

Interviewer: "How?"

Ahmad: "With force, with violence."

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Terri Redman 05:49 07.11.2021
Men that does these things need to be tard and feather. Even (old)men that sell little girls. I pray for these women. That is why the women in Afghanistan are terrified. This needs to be exposed more.
Patricia Maple 01:31 07.11.2021
God will have the last action. It's just sad until then all the pain and suffering
Delma Domagalski 21:00 06.11.2021
That's not a man , that a slave mentality! A wife is a partner and should be treated with respect
Katrina Messer 20:31 06.11.2021
He should be shot in the head!
20:21 06.11.2021
This kind of people should be faced out on earth. I’ll pray to God to punish this kind of sadistic, evil people.
Sam Hawkins 19:55 06.11.2021
Sick man in so many ways.they treat women like dogs.well when people like this sure it will be there time to be treated like dogs.Amen
Renee Sanderson 19:54 06.11.2021
He has to sleep SOMETIME!!!!! He should get the same treatment.
Tony Pettitt 19:45 06.11.2021
You people act like you just now finding this out what rock have you been under
Ettah N 19:09 06.11.2021
What a cowardly act to do to ur wife..
Justus Bell 19:08 06.11.2021
Sick group of people
Nerma Lavker 19:07 06.11.2021
When the above is complete his tongue should be cut out.
Robert Downs 19:03 06.11.2021
They should cut your Dick off and shove it up your ass
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