Hezbollah's UAV Units - Intel report

First, in light of a great deal of disinformation on the Internet - is is important to clarify: Hezbollah currently operates units in which a few dozen UAVs are divided into two types - Collecting UAVs and explosive UAVs (suicide UAVs).

Collecting UAVs - In order to gather intelligence about Israel, Hezbollah operates dozens of photography UAVs (beyond the cheap photography gliders in its possession). Hezbollah's collection UAVs are considered older - they take off from designated runways, especially in Bekaa in northern Lebanon, which is considered Hezbollah's stronghold.

One of the routes known and identified with Hezbollah's collection unit is the route in Ras Belbach (Ref. No. 34.305615,36.351971). The track is active mainly for training UAVs, has been improved at the height of the Syrian civil war and has been very active in the battles of Rachuan forces and their allies in Syria.
Today, the track is mainly used for training and readiness to fight against Israel.

Explosive UAVs - The suicide UAVs owned by Hezbollah are smaller, more modern than the collection UAVs. Hezbollah owns a few dozen such UAVs.

Their main goal is to attack the Israeli air defense systems in the northern region while fighting with Israel. The UAV flies, whether according to a pre-defined plan or by real-time operation, towards the air defense systems and explodes directly on them.

In light of the accumulation of experience in the use and assembly of UAVs, Hezbollah Unit 3800 and in cooperation with the Iranian Quds Force began to guide the various Iranian militias throughout the Middle East in the use of explosive devices - mainly in Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.

In Lebanon - On the outskirts of Brital in Baka'a, Hezbollah's stronghold, Hezbollah is training Iranian militia operatives in Iraq using Iranian explosive devices that are ultimately intended to hit American targets in Iraq.

Yemen - Hezbollah's 3800 unit in Yemen is training the Houthis in Yemen, in cooperation with the IRGC, to launch explosive UAVs at Saudi targets throughout Saudi Arabia.

The training is carried out mainly at the Aldalimi base inside the Sanaa International Airport, where the IDF and 3800 units are preparing the Houthis to launch explosive UAVs from a runway and a railroad, just like 2 Iranian Katzaf UAVs.

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IDF is preparing Houthis? Think not
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