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BREAKING [VIDEO] Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia was shot several times 

PM Fico shot several times in chest, abdomen

- shooter detained
- PM taken to hospital by helicopter
- his condition believed to be very serious

According to reports, he was injured and taken to a hospital.

The event took place in the town of Handlova, located about 180 km from the country's capital, Bratislava.
The circumstances of the incident are not yet clear.

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Steve Jensen 19:04 15.05.2024
Ok I just got the news, the Slovakia PM is a friend & ally of Putin & terrorist Russia so it is good that he is in serious condition. Still Biden & Blinken need to suffer similar!
[Anonymous] 18:53 15.05.2024
Steve J. You ain’t right.
Steve Jensen 18:44 15.05.2024
I don’t know if the assassination attempt is good or bad, but what I do know that if the target was Biden or Blinken it would be good & justified!
Steve Jensen 18:42 15.05.2024
So what are you saying [Anonymous], good or bad? You seem to be all over the shop!
[Anonymous] 15:39 15.05.2024
Who cares. Anti Semites through and through. Slovaks were eager to deport its Jews in WW II. My mother and her family were among those sent to Auschwitz by Slovaks.
[Anonymous] 14:45 15.05.2024
My bad, it was Slovakia which supports the PLO state. So this is sad…
[Anonymous] 14:43 15.05.2024
Slovenia supports the PLO state, so don’t care!
[Anonymous] 14:16 15.05.2024
Secret service men big fail - very sad state this world is in
[Anonymous] 14:10 15.05.2024
The world is fighting each other
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