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Furious at Bennett’s betrayal, these national religious voters won’t allow a repeat

After backing Yamina in 2021, Givat Shmuel residents feel burned that their votes were used to oust Netanyahu; many plan to vote for Likud or Religious Zionism

The seven seats the party won proved critical.  Having long been allied with right-wing and religious parties, Bennett agreed to shift blocs to become prime minister in a gamble he hoped would bring him to the top spot.

It would be easy to imagine that Givat Shmuel residents would be attracted to National Unity. It seems the opposite remarking that "Just because Bennett decided to betray his voters and partner with the left doesn’t mean that we are going to do the same,” 

Source TOI/ Photo Reuters




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Selina 18:04 28.10.2022
How sad.
16:45 28.10.2022
Once a cheater… always a cheater !
16:43 28.10.2022
Anyone who goes against Israel will reap the rath of God