US - Israeli Cooperation
Israel will participate in a large naval exercise around the Arabian Peninsula in cooperation with the fleets of 60 countries

Fleets of 60 countries, including the Israeli Navy and fleets of Arab countries, will participate in a large IMX22 naval exercise that will start at the end of January in the maritime space around the Arabian Peninsula . The exercise will be mostly devoted to the activities of unmanned tools in naval battlefields.

At a conference of the CSIS Strategic Studies Research Institute in Washington, Admiral Brad Cooper, commander of the 5th Fleet, told details about the exercise and told about his visit to the Navy and his meeting with Navy Commander Major General David Selma. The U.S. 5th Fleet is responsible for the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, and the Red Sea.

Admiral Cooper said in his lecture that there is a UAV center in cooperation with Israel, which is constantly scanning the maritime area to detect abnormal movements using artificial intelligence and laser ability against UAVs. From January to February 17, 10 fleets will bring with them their own unmanned aerial vehicles.

DEFENSE DAILY and journalist Amir Oren report that Task Force 59 of the 5th Fleet deals, among other things, with examining systems as UAVs. In the past, Israel has participated in a naval exercise of the US 5th Fleet together with the fleet of the United Arab Emirates.

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Jan A. 04:55 20.01.2022
don' trust this United States Admiral if he is like admiral Milley of the U.S. Army
Robert Mcmaster 04:19 20.01.2022
Love and strength hopefully thru Peace for the middle east, The law of the LRD comes from Israel, let there be Peace in Israel and see the Beauty of Democracy and freedom. Shalom'
C & 02:10 20.01.2022
Something's up....🤔
Yossef E 02:06 20.01.2022
Am Israel Chai
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