Jewish leaders blast anti-Semitic art at German fair

'All red lines have not only been crossed, they have been shattered,' Israel's embassy said.

Jewish leaders and Israel's embassy to Germany on Monday voiced "disgust" over anti-Semitic images on display at Documenta, one of the world's biggest art fairs. Documenta had been clouded in controversy for months over its inclusion of a Palestinian artists' group strongly critical of the Israeli occupation.

Two days after the show opened to the public, one of the works on display by Indonesian art group Taring Padi also came under fire over depictions that both the German government and Jewish groups say went too far. On the offending mural is the depiction of a pig wearing a helmet blazoned "Mossad." On the same work, a man is depicted with sidelocks often associated with Orthodox Jews, fangs and bloodshot eyes, and wearing a black hat with the SS-insignia.

As reported by i24 News
Image source: Ina FASSBENDER/AFP

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Now THAT is offensive!
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