Nutrition: Drinking Cumin is the number one way to lose weight

Experiments have shown that adding cumin to water helps speed up body fat burning, lowering cholesterol levels, and controlling blood sugar levels.

Drinking water is the best thing on earth for promoting good health and also for weight loss. Water quenches thirst as it fills the stomach and provides a feeling of satiety, thus contributing to weight loss, especially since the part of the brain that interprets the signals of hunger and thirst can confuse these feelings, the "Eat This Not" That website published.

A scientific study, published in the Annals of Family Medicine, found a significant association between insufficient water intake and obesity, suggesting that good moisture plays a key role in maintaining a healthy weight.

Why cumin?
Trista Best, an American dietitian, recommends trying cumin water, which can be easily prepared at home with the help of dried cumin seeds.
Dr. Best says that cumin is a rich antioxidant spice that has promising results in improving the immune system, intestinal health, reducing inflammation, and lowering the risk of cancer.

Burning fat
Best says: "Studies have been done on the benefits of cumin over fat burning, and the results have shown an increase in metabolic rate in those who have experienced weight loss after consuming cumin, noting that" faster metabolism means the body burns calories at an "higher" average rate.

Weight reduction and body mass index

She explains that in a small clinical trial that included 88 obese women, an experimental group of women ate yogurt plus cumin at two meals a day for three months, while the control group ate the same amount of yogurt but without adding cumin powder during the same period. . It turned out that women who consumed cumin added to yogurt significantly reduced their weight, body mass index, waist circumference, and fat mass. They also had lower cholesterol levels including blood triglycerides and LDL cholesterol while increasing good HDL cholesterol.

Blood sugar
Dr. Best also says that cumin helps regulate blood sugar levels by helping cells respond properly to glucose and insulin. As blood sugar rises, more glucose can be stored in the body's cells than it needs to produce energy, and it can be converted into fat.

How to make cumin water
Dr. Best says that you can take hot or cold cumin water, as you wish, and the preparation process is really simple:
Soak a tablespoon of cumin seeds in a glass or two of water overnight. (Some people prefer to crush the seeds first with a rolling pin, in order to remove their natural oils.)
2. Boil the mixture in the morning for five minutes.
Once the water has cooled they are filtered from the seeds and poured on ice to eat cold or warm to the preferred temperature.
"Cumin water has a very metallic/woody taste," concludes Dr. Best, so she recommends adding a sweetener or natural cinnamon to the drink to enhance the taste.


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