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Video: UK man arrested for approaching the Queen!

UK man arrested after approaching Queen Elizabeth's coffin in Westminster Hall

UK Police arrested a man after what the force described as a “disturbance” Friday night in Parliament’s Westminster Hall, where the queen’s coffin is lying in state, draped in her Royal Standard and capped with a diamond-studded crown.

The tide of people wanting to say goodbye to the queen has grown steadily since the public was first admitted to the hall on Wednesday. On Friday, authorities temporarily halted letting more visitors join the end of the line, which snakes around Southwark Park some 5 miles (8 kilometers) from Parliament in a full 26-hour wait! 

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C & 13:07 17.09.2022
That's right La Jun! That's what God said to His prophet Julie Green! 😉💜 Jesus Christ, the King of righteousness truth and justice!! Hallelujah!
La Jun 12:35 17.09.2022
Prince Charles murder the Queen. He's not the Rightful King. William is.