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Bennett circulates poll for joining Likud government

Against the background of heavy pressure on the right to consider joining Netanyahu in the current Knesset, an anonymous survey of text messages was sent last night to Bennett's supporters examining support for the move.

According to right-wing sources, yesterday, a few hours after the resignation of MK Nir Orbach from the coalition, Bennett gave the green light to conduct the poll that asked: "Do you support the right-wing and Naftali Bennett entering the Likud-led government in the current Knesset?" It has been distributed by the right to tens of thousands of registered supporters in the party database, and sources say that Bennett is "seriously considering the possibility".

Image source: Paul/Yoad Dodkevitz

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santa claus 16:12 14.06.2022
Very soon now gods children will be taken and the seven year clock will start tic-toc-tic
santa claus 16:10 14.06.2022
The rapture and 7-year tribulation is upon us
santa claus 16:08 14.06.2022
the Antichrist is here, and in charge he is the only one at the chess board. so stick your head between your legs and kiss your as s goodbye
Bunny Hawkins 14:29 14.06.2022
Netanyahu, a blessed man he was treated an set up just like President Trump, God is in control , prayers for all
C & 12:37 14.06.2022
Netanyahu is Jehovah's choice as PM!! God will have His way!! 😉💕