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Iranians On Plane Seized in Argentina Were On ‘Attack’ Mission

Gerardo Milman, an Argentine lawmaker, told Iran International that Iranians aboard a Venezuelan plane held in Buenos Aires planned “attacks on human targets.”

Speaking Thursday in Spanish to anchor Fardad Farahzad, Milman, who has pressed for information over the incident, disputed explanations given by both the Argentinian and Iranian governments.

Contrary to Iran’s claim June 13 that the plane was not owned by an Iranian company and that any Iranians aboard were instructors, Milman said the pilot was “a senior Qods (Quds) official, especially a member of the Ministry of Intelligence,” apparently suggesting he was a member of the Qods brigade, the extraterritorial arm of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

Source: Iran International

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JC Ross 10:54 24.06.2022
Biden doesn't know what State he is in any given time. The Dem machine is calling the shots, Biden doesn't know straight up! They're running this country right into the ground!
JC Ross 10:52 24.06.2022
He doesn't know what state he's in any given time. The Dems are running things Biden, doesn't know straight up .
John Naulu 08:02 24.06.2022
Biden is a sick man, he looked it anyway,
Moshe Moses 07:17 24.06.2022
Biden you know the Argentinians seized Iranian plane with senior Quds intelligence officer flying the plane including instructors onboard,what are you going do, or just ignore the info.
Moshe Moses 06:58 24.06.2022
With knowing all what the Evil Iran regime does all over the world the brain less Biden still want to sign Nuclear agreement with Iran the state sponser of terrorism, time to impeach Biden.
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