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VIDEO: The Jewish Point Daily Show - A 2,000 Year Old Story of Resilience

Today's episode features the Ancient Pilgrimage Road - a 2,000-year-old story of resilience.

Today, the path is five meters (16 feet) under ground. Archaeologists and historians call the road that is being excavated under an East Jerusalem Arab neighborhood the “Stepped Street.” In more popular parlance it is called the “Pilgrims’ Path” or the “Pilgrimage Road.”

In total, the path stretches some 600 meters long and is eight meters wide. Both sides of the street were lined with shops that were likely two stories high, said Levy during a recent visit there.


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01:12 12.07.2021
I love this daily show it’s very informative I would love to Visit Jerusalem could you people get back to me when will Israel let people in unvaccinated tested negative for Covid thank youEmail me
Justice Sunday 15:17 11.07.2021
God bless Jerusalem
Moshe Moses 04:20 11.07.2021
How Beautiful the Pilgrimage Road City of David Leading To Temple Mount in Hebrew Har Habyit with G-ds Help may the Jewish Peoples 3rd. Temple Rise Soon with G-ds Help Amen
02:46 11.07.2021
You could befriended me on messenger: John Whitcombe Naulu.
02:43 11.07.2021
And walk through all the way this road making my way to the Temple Mount. I am amazed absolutely amazed. But because of Delta Virus spreading. I can’t go.
02:39 11.07.2021
I am intrigued and overwhelmed by this road . Because this is my redeemer walked 2000yrs ago. After the war 2014 to cut it short I came through the back road and entered into the pool of Syloam
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