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Side bomb detonated against Russian forces in Daraa, Syria; A rash of assassinations in the area

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, from the Syrian opposition, reported on Saturday that an explosion had occurred in the city of Izra, northeast of the southern Syrian province of Daraa, as it was intended to strike a patrol of Russian forces.

The observatory said that the explosion was caused by an explosive device planted on one side of the city's roads, as soon as the Russian patrol passed on the road, without details on the number of casualties.

At the same time, unidentified gunmen assassinated a member of the "military security" between the towns of Museirib and al-Yududa in the western rural area of Daraa district.

These developments come despite the reconciliation arrangements that the Syrian regime has managed to impose on most areas of the Daraa sub-district, which are still witnessing killings and assassinations. A figure that reached the American news site - Al-Hura from the "Documentation Office of the Deraa Killers", which is affiliated with the opposition, indicates that 40 people were killed in separate areas of the province, during the month of November alone.

Among those killed were civilians and military personnel, who were formerly part of opposition organizations, and others were regular soldiers in the Syrian army and in the security arms of the Syrian regime.

Statistics show that during the month of November 48 assassination attempts and assassination attempts were recorded, and they were carried out partly in the western rural area of Daraa district (32 operations), and partly in the eastern area (16 operations).

According to the Syrian Observatory's statistics, the number of attacks and assassination attempts in Daraa and southern Syria, in various forms and methods, during the period from June 2019 to November 30, 2021, reached 1,250 attacks and assassination attempts.

Note in the background of the news: It is clear to everyone that the "finger tapping" is leading to the Iranians working vigorously in the region to the chagrin of the Russians working to expel them from all parts of southern Syria at the request of Jordan and Israel. It should also be noted that near the city of Izra, the scene of the attack on the Russian forces, is the Syrian Division 5 headquarters, which was "fully occupied" by the Iranian forces and the Hezbollah militia.

Of course, a vigorous Russian investigation is expected and if they provide "evidence" that the Iranians are behind the attack, one should not expect a weak Russian complaint, but a sharp and painful response without the traces leading, of course, towards the Russian side operating in Syria.

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Time Russia get rid of putin assassination of him best way
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Let them eat each other!
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