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Sa’ar demands sacrifice from coalition partners

New Hope leader thinks other party heads in flailing coalition should start cracking the whip with rebel MKs; dismisses idea that only its left wing is being required to compromise.

“I did not give up on the government. In political life, a person has to do everything he can for the cause he believes in, but not everything is always up to you,” he said. “It is possible to hold a coalition with 60 MKs [lacking a majority in the 120-seat Knesset], but only if the 60 members are disciplined. Unfortunately, that is not what has been happening in recent weeks.”

As reported by The Times of Israel
Image Source: Arie Leib Abrams/Flash90

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CaptJinx Marine 17:56 13.06.2022
I agree sacrifice hang Bennett. A compromise and a sacrifice good for the country.
C & 12:34 13.06.2022
Netanyahu was the rightfully voted PM for Israel! Bennett is the turn-key through rigged election by the U.N., just like Biden is for USA! God will overturn this for our nations!