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VIDEO: Syrian Writer Al-Labwani - It is time to abandon the self-destructive ideology of resistance against Israel

Syrian Writer Dr. Kamal Al-Labwani:

- For seventy years, we lived according to the ideology of resistance. This ideology has culminated with the destruction of the Arab countries
- We must eliminate the dogmatic mentality that has brought about tragedy, failed states, the displacement of peoples
- War crimes have been committed in the name of resistance and liberation
- Iran came and occupied Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon
- All this was done in the name of the resistance, while Israel has been living in peace and security


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05:57 26.04.2022
The curse of Palestinian and those like them from North East South and West .. will go on until Christ returns no doubt. When all these nations and people disappeared we have a lot of room to play.
Henry Lee 05:19 26.04.2022
We don't live forever. Speaking the truth instill fear and uncertainty. But you will not regret because truth brings you closer to God. Those who worship God must do so in spirit and in truth. Amen!
Suzanne Aladjem 05:13 26.04.2022
This knowledgeable man speaks the truth, some Muslim have realised this that a truth with Israel is also beneficial to them.
John Ross 05:09 26.04.2022
I wonder if he’s still alive?? The hardliners don’t buy what he’s preaching..
blair jensen 05:07 26.04.2022
I am from Missouri I’ll have to see that. Certainly a nice though but I am afraid he’s not the majority
Henry Lee 13:43 11.02.2022
He is touch by God! He's right. Israel is a peace loving nation whereas the Arab nations are misled by Iran and Turkey.
darrel snider 11:30 04.12.2021
This man speaking truth to Arabs and pa