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Vibrating Armband Can Ease Crippling Migraine Pain

Loss of vision, pins, and needles, and difficulty speaking are some of the frightening symptoms that millions of people regularly suffer just before a debilitating migraine attack. Medication can help, from painkillers to strong prescription drugs, but many patients need to combine treatments, and they rarely provide complete migraine relief. But there’s a treatment that could minimize – and in some cases end migraine symptoms. And it’s in the form of a vibrating armband.

Users place the device on the upper arm as soon as the migraine starts. It vibrates at an intensity just below their pain threshold for 45 minutes. 
Nerve fibers in the body deliver a message to the brain, which decides that the sensation is harmless and releases neurotransmitters to prevent the sufferer from feeling pain.
In clinical tests, over 60 percent of patients said the pain eased within two hours. And 35 percent experienced complete pain freedom.

Source NoCamels/ Photos Pexels/Nerivio 

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Selina 04:37 27.12.2022
I'd be willing to try this.
Ira Jacobson 18:46 26.12.2022
Ok,,,,what company
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