The Iranian Threat
VIDEO: King of Jordan interview with General McMaster

- Russia's withdrawal from southern Syria is creating a vacuum that will be filled by Iran and its proxies
- We hope for dialogue with Iran to have a positive effect, but this is not currently visible on the ground

A video was uploaded to the RHC JO YouTube channel, which belongs to Jordan's Royal Hashemite Court, of Jordan's King Abdullah II being interviewed by former U.S. National Security Advisor General (Ret.) H. R. McMaster.

He elaborated that the Jordanian border is regularly attacked and that the withdrawal of Russian forces from southern Syria has created a vacuum that will be filled by Iran and its proxies, which may result in an escalation in the region. 

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Tony Pettitt 03:29 23.05.2022
Good kill each other that’s better than killing Jews so have at it!!!!!!
Henry Lee 01:28 23.05.2022
USA is right. Since Assad doesn't have the support of the Syrian people he must be ousted. Iran and Russia must withdraw and let the people decide
Desiree Siefkas 20:35 22.05.2022
Russia and Iran are both after Israel.
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