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Hezbollah warns Lebanese government

The editor of the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar, which is affiliated with Hezbollah, warns today the Lebanese leadership that if they make unacceptable concessions in the negotiations with Israel mediated by the United States, "then Hezbollah will do what "it needs to do".

According to him, Hezbollah will not see themselves committed to elections on the official level that will weaken Lebanon's position and reduce its rights, whether in marking the border or in drilling and production.

The newspaper also reported from "prominent Lebanese sources" that the American mediator Hochstein (who is expected to arrive in Lebanon next week) does not bring with it Israeli consent to Lebanon's demands.

Source: Kan News

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Yeheskel Sharbani 15:46 28.07.2022
If this Karesh in the Israeli territory then it is an Israeli. Therefore, Hezbollah should go to catch Kareshs ( Sharks ) In the sea to feed their people, instead of Missiles. Better spent Iranian $$$
James Cooper 15:35 28.07.2022
Know that any actions against Israel are actions against the Living God. He will defend.