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US General: Biden sanctions relief for Iran will aid Iranian assassination plots

New nuclear deal will strengthen Iran's terror network in Middle East, Africa, exclusive testimony says

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Iran will use cash provided by Biden from the Iran Deal to fund terror groups of a militant network committed to assassinating U.S. officials, according to written testimony to Congress from a top U.S. military commander exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Gen. Stephen Townsend, who led U.S. Africa Command until August of this year, has warned Congress that Iran is certain to use "at least some of the resources gained from sanctions relief to" increase its illicit shipment of advanced weapons to terror groups operating in Africa and the Near East. 

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pflip521 02:26 23.09.2022
Brain-dead Biden giving Iran everything they need to attack the US. Treason!
[deleted] 21:23 22.09.2022
America has been played by an Old Ass president with dementia!
Leonardo Valero 17:26 22.09.2022
Leonardo Valero 17:24 22.09.2022
My dear president No vive money yo yerrorists
Susan 17:17 22.09.2022
PB & pals are the perps, I say, stop 'em!
Susan 17:15 22.09.2022
Totally unacceptable & when I state my views on world crisis I get shot down as a Dom terr, too bad, death to Iran!
Susan 17:13 22.09.2022
Can't wait to vote,(unfortunately I am losing faith in the integrity of my vote) get rid of these traitors!
Susan 17:11 22.09.2022
I feel ILL.
Susan 17:10 22.09.2022
STOP PB, again somebody please, Nazi Germany all over, I'm sure the pope is in mix & ...., I really feel I'll every time I hear about this, my pres, how does he sleep at night?
La Jun 16:52 22.09.2022
Biden is dead. You're watching a Actor/fake Biden
16:49 22.09.2022
The terrorists are coming across the border (that Trump tried ti close) and they have already started their terrorist activities here. If the government doesn’t stop their nonsense soon it’s going to
Anna Payton 16:45 22.09.2022
Death to America they chant, then biden gives them money, biden loves terrorists.
Desiree Siefkas 16:45 22.09.2022
Obama is pushing this and no one does anything.
Vanaly Palmer 16:42 22.09.2022
Where are the Brain dead democrat congress people??? The deaths will lie at their feet
Thomas Kopper 16:38 22.09.2022
“Bomb, bomb, bomb, —-bomb, bomb Iran”