02:11 PM 07:11 AM EST DEC 2, 2023 JLM 68°F
WATCH: PA libel: “Al-Aqsa in danger of being bombed”

A so-called Israeli affairs “expert” explained to viewers of official PA TV that the “true and serious Zionist threat” is Israel's “plan” to empty Jerusalem of Christian and Muslim holy sites.

- Israel will destroy Jerusalem’s Christian and Muslim holy sites
– PA libel repeated by Israeli affairs “expert”
- PA denies Jewish history in Jerusalem: Jerusalem is only “Islamic, Christian, Palestinian, and Arab” 

Nawaf Al-Zaru went as far as accusing Israel of planning to “burn monasteries and churches,” “destroy” Islamic holy sites, and “bomb” the Al-Aqsa Mosque

Does the article interest you?
02:42 01.10.2023
Sue him. He’ll lose in court. Take everything he has.
19:08 30.09.2023
As much as the Jewish people revere the Temple Mount??!! The Muslims would be more inclined to the destruction.
18:56 30.09.2023
Israel is foolish to allow the Arabs to commit such slander. They ought to blow up that terrorist, television station and office.. And then once, and only once explain to the world, why.
Syble Presswood 18:46 30.09.2023
As sympathetic as Israel is around the world.Taking their enemies into their own hospitals to treat them,even.I don't believe a word of what this guy said !!