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Bennett Announces Launch of Third Vaccine Dose Campaign

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced Thursday night the start of the third vaccine dose campaign against Covid-19 for citizens over 60.

This scheme comes despite no regulatory bodies in the world authorizing the move. However, it was green-lighted by Israeli and international health experts.

In a statement recorded in advance in Tel Aviv, Bennett said that President Isaac Herzog will be the first person to receive the third shot, and will call on the population to cooperate.

“After a series of discussions with medical experts in Israel and in the World with the leadership of Health Ministry officials, the expert committee recommended in a clear majority of 56 to 1 to vaccinate the adult population in Israel,” Bennett stipulated.

“The findings show that there is a decrease in immunity over time and the purpose of the vaccine is to limit the odds of infection and serious illness,” he added.

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