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VIDEO - The Eyes of the IDF: How IDF Field Observers protect Israel

24/7, just like the combat soldiers in the field, field observers work diligently to protect our borders and civilians.
They work closely with the soldiers in a two-way affair, where sometimes, it will be the soldiers who have seen something suspicious and request from the observer to "take a look" for them, or the field observer who will find something amiss and request from a patrol to "check it out".

This video will explain in detail how this is done!

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Edna Purcell-Diaz 15:00 14.10.2021
I’m not Jewish but since a child, my heart bests for 🇮🇱 ♥️ Praying for the Shalom Yerushalayim🙏🏼Hashem keep you all. From Central Texas USA 🇺🇸 (the other Line Star State)
kim sparks 11:15 14.10.2021
darrel snider 10:31 14.10.2021
Great job Israel always doing it with Hashem helping you.
Jeanne Ferguson 05:23 14.10.2021
God bless you
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